Wednesday, July 7, 2010

gardening club

IV been in gardening club since the 22 of June I learned that you can make
a solar oven it actually works perfectly I made a pizza with tomatoes on it and
I cooked it in my new solar oven
the instr are:

What you need:
plastic wrap
pizza box (small,medium,large or extra large.)
black paper

What how to make the solar oven:
take the pizza box and cut three sides open the pizza box and put the non shiny side up and the shiny side down then put a small piece of black paper on the tin foil then close the pizza box and with the flap up and cover it with tin foil and tape the tin foil to the pizza box and then cut some plastic wrap and then with the flap open glue the edge near the hole then put the plastic wrap over the hole and walla you got a solar oven!!!:-)

It will look like a oven.
Also you have to put it in the sun to cook some thing in it

1 comment:

Taylor said...

My mom threw away my solar pizza
oven so you can't see it. : (